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Updated On: May 13, 2009

A Family Up in Arms

District Union Rep Darin Ferguson Proud of His Kin’s Military Service

UFCW 8 District Union Representative Darin Ferguson doesn’t consider himself a worrier. Still, he admits to having been concerned for the safety of his youngest son, Jacob, who just returned from his second tour of duty with the U.S. Army in Iraq.

“He drove a Humvee and came under fire several times,” Darin Ferguson said. “Then there was the danger of roadside bombs. It was obviously a matter of concern for our whole family.”

The Ferguson family has a strong military tradition. Darin’s father, Jimmie Roy Ferguson, was in the Marine Corps and his grandfather, Houston C. Ferguson, served in the Navy. Darin followed in his father’s footsteps, serving in the Marine Corps for 10 years.

In addition to Jacob, Darin and his wife Patty have three children with military experience. Their oldest, Ace, served four years in the Navy. Their daughter, Kyla, is on active duty in the Coast Guard, serving at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Another daughter, Meghan, served in the Air Force for six years.

“Meghan was a crew member on an RC-135 aircraft,” Ferguson said with pride. “She is one of the first women in the Air Force to complete POW survival training.”

The Fergusons’ third oldest child, Derek, would have served had he not been injured on the job while working at Safeway.

Ferguson attributes his family’s military calling to their love of country and the family-like structure of the military, as well as the discipline derived from the experience.

Darin Ferguson
UFCW 8 District
Union Representative

“President Loveall frequently cites the three characteristics of a good District Union Rep,” Ferguson said. “Those characteristics are compassion, commitment and courage. These are also some of the characteristics that are taught in the armed services.”

Still, the Ferguson family couldn’t wait for Jacob's return from Iraq.

“It is definitely good to see him again,” Darin Ferguson said. "That’s an understatement."

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