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David Levecque
Updated On: May 13, 2009
A Man With
A Point
UFCW 8 Member, David Levecque
Playing with swords might
seem an odd activity for someone who is trying to improve his health, but David Levecque isn’t an ordinary man.
    When he’s not fencing, he might be flying airplanes, sailing
or riding horses. “There’s not a
sport I don’t do,” said Levecque, who has worked for Albertson’s for the past 32 years, lately as a dairy clerk at Albertson’s 7212 in Davis.
    He took up fencing six years ago after his doctor told him he needed more aerobic exercise.         “It was just something new, and it’s fun to do,” he said.
    He trains regularly at the Davis Fencing Academy and is comfortable in the foil and saber styles of fencing.
The foil style, which requires striking the chest, is “like being a surgeon,” Levecque said, while the saber style, which focuses on the arms, head and chest, “is more like a butcher.” He has competed on more than 40 teams in Northern California and participates in local tournaments

sponsored by the Bay Cup fencing organization.
Levecque lives in Woodland with his wife, Deanna, and daughter, Lillian, who recently began fencing
with her father after accompanying him to local tournaments.
    Deanna, however, prefers horseback riding to taking up arms, and while David occasionally
accompanies her, he doesn’t like the unpredictability of the animals.
Before fencing, Levecque worked
as a flight instructor and he continues
to sail during the summer.
    He also enjoys the physical aspects
of working at a supermarket. “I like
working with my hands, and you’re on
your feet all day,” he said.
    “You’re nice and tired by the time you get home. It keeps me healthy.”
As a member of UFCW 8,
Levecque lists the seniority rights,
rate of pay and health benefits as the
most valuable features of his Union-negotiated contract.
    “If we didn’t have seniority rights,
we wouldn’t have anything,” he said.
As a senior member of the Union
and a Steward, he enjoys explaining
the responsibilities of Union
membership to new members.
    “You have to really read your
contract,” he said. “Don’t believe
everything the company tells you.”
He added: “I like to educate the
young ones. I want to help them learn
how to protect what we have and
what we’ve fought for.”

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